What is a Trucking Accident?

A Trucking Accident is a devastating motor vehicle accident where a tractor trailer or semi-truck negligently crashes into another vehicle. These kinds of crashes cause some of the worst damages to law-abiding drivers and can cause those drivers to rack up hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills.

Many operators of tractor trailers are employed by or under contract with large faceless corporations with huge legal teams. It is important for a person affected by a Trucking Accident to choose a lawyer who is experienced with fighting big law firms at trial.

What Types of Trucking Accidents are There?

Rollover Cases: This occurs when the driver loses control of their vehicle and causes the truck to roll on its side. This can cause serious damage to other motorists and pedestrians who are either hit by the impact, forced to take evasive maneuvers leading to another accident, or forced to crash into the truck.

Faulty Tire: When a truck has a faulty tire, the result can be devastating. The truck driver can lose control and crash into other vehicles or drive them off the road.

Improper Turning: When truck drivers make right turns, they often first move into the left lane before turning right. If the truck driver is not paying attention to his or her surroundings when doing this maneuver, he or she can crash into another vehicle or cause another vehicle to crash. This can cause serious damage.

Rear-End Collision: Trucks need more distance to stop than normal cars largely due to their weight. Because of this, truck drivers are supposed to keep a safe distance between the front of their bumper and the back of the bumper of the car in front of them. Additionally, trucks need to keep a safe speed that gives them time to stop. Often when we’re dealing with a Trucking Accident, the driver of the truck does not maintain a proper distance and speed from the driver in front of them. If the car in front of the truck needs to make a sudden stop, a major rear end collision can occur.

Objects Falling from Truck: Trucking companies occasionally improperly increase the weight of their truck’s load to increase profits or to finish a job on time. Other times, loads can be improperly strapped in. When trucks are loaded in this way, cargo can fall out of the truck and cause accidents to unsuspecting motorists and pedestrians.

Head-On Collision: Head-on collisions are some of the most serious trucking accidents that occur. These can occur when truck drivers drive long hours, are drinking and driving, disobeying traffic signals, are too big for the road, etc.

Jackknife Accident: A Jackknife accident occurs when a truck forms a 90 degree angle between the cab and cargo. This can block a road or cause the truck to crash into other motorists. Jackknife accidents can cause serious damage as motorists try to avoid colliding with the truck. Jackknife accidents can be avoided by using proper braking, speed, and distance procedures.

What Causes a Trucking Accident?

There are many causes of Trucking Accidents. The main cause that allows you to sue for your damages is Negligence by the truck driver. It is important that you look for a law firm that is familiar with these concepts and can fight for your case.

The attorneys at Eric J. Hertz P.C. are familiar with the issues that can arise in these situations and will handle your lawsuit with attentive care.

What do I do After My Accident?

Right after your accident, it is first and foremost always a priority to call 911. You should cooperate with police to get an accurate report of the accident. You should also make sure that you get the medical care that you need if you are injured. After that, it is important to contact an attorney as soon as you can.

FMCSA Regulations?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) publishes certain regulations with the purpose of preventing “commercial motor-vehicle related fatalities and injuries” (FMCSA.dot.gov). One of the important jobs of the FMCSA is developing the standards for Commercial Driving Licenses (CDLs). Every truck driver is required to have a certified CDL and must comply with its regulations and rules. If you were left injured in a Trucking Accident, there’s a good possibility that the trucker violated a FMCSA regulation.

FMCSA Website: About Us | FMCSA (dot.gov)

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