If you or a loved-one has suffered nursing home abuse, you need the information available to you in this book so that you can do something about it. Attorney Eric J. Hertz has a wealth of experience filing claims against nursing homes, taking them to court and winning fair and equitable settlements for his clients. He knows that many nursing homes too often look to protect their bottom line rather than those who have been entrusted to their care. This book is a primer about nursing homes, including the whole reason for their existence, the types of nursing homes out there, and the range of services they provide. He has a chapter on Medicare and Medicaid, another on nursing home statistics, and more. Most important, this book offers information on the prevalence of nursing home abuse, the rights all nursing home residents have to be respected, and what you can do when they are not. Eric Hertz has dedicated his career to helping those who can t help themselves. He wants to be the champion, advocate, and protector of those who have spent their lives giving so much to their loved ones and now need someone to look out for them.