When you’ve decided that long-term care is what is best for your loved one

When you’ve decided that long-term care is what is best for your loved one

When you decide that (your family member’s) health and well-being are the most important considerations—for you as well as for them—that’s when you start seriously considering going the nursing home route with your parents yourself and start talking with
them about it. Their health and well-being take precedent over their desire to stay in a familiar place, your desire for them to stay there as well, and guilt feelings about not taking them in yourself.
The time to talk to your elderly parent about nursing homes and start researching them is before the subject becomes critical, before basic fears and emotions can overwhelm you and your parent right when you’re faced with having to make critical decisions that will affect a number of people. You might discover that a parent’s reluctance to go to a nursing home is simply
trumped by his or her desire not to be a burden on their family; he or she might be relieved you raised the topic.
The fact is there are great nursing homes out there with well-trained, compassionate staff who are backed up by professional administrators in places that can offer your loved ones the companionship and care—in all the meanings of the
word—they deserve.

I encourage you to get in touch with us, lawyers who focus on nursing home abuse, if you think you or a loved one might be suffering from abuse or neglect.

There’s too much at stake not to.

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